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Rock N' Rhyme

Posted by Elana Promislow on


Bead It (to the tune of "Beat It" by Michael Jackson)
Lyrics by: Elana Promislow

The first time that you walk in the store
You wanna see some beads, you wanna see some more
The fire's in your eyes, you found what you've searched for
Now bead it. Just bead it.

You need some cord yeah you need it real bad
Don't want to use a clasp just use elastic instead
A mala would be nice, but a bracelet is rad
So bead it, if you don't you'll be sad
Just bead it, bead it, bead it, bead it

Your budget's gonna be defeated
Whether Swarovski or aquamarine
Ours are the finest beads you have seen

Just bead it

You came in once and now you find that you're hooked
You need to buy your first wire wrapping book
You're talking to the staff about a class that you took
You've beaded, yeah beaded

You're making jewellery all night and all day
You've slept through work and your child's 3rd grade play
Your hands are cramping up, but you need to find a way
To bead it. Gotta wait to get paid

Now bead it, bead it, bead it, bead it
Your project must be completed
Buy some new Bali; the Shungite is cool
While you're at it pick up a new tool

And bead it

Yeah bead it, bead it, bead it, bead it
Beady hauls are best repeated
Check out the new finds, they're not to be missed
Please put your name on our email list

Yeah bead it

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Bead There ~ Done That

My favourite type of seed bead is the Delica™ bead. These cylinder shaped beads have the same length and width making them perfect for bead weaving on a loom. I, personally, prefer using them in a free-hand weave such as peyote stitch. Because of their shape, they fit very snugly next to one another and form a flowy, seamless [...]

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I Have Rocks In My Head

”A lapidary is an artist or artisan who forms stone, minerals, or gem stones into decorative items such as cabochons, engraved gems, including cameos, and faceted designs. The primary techniques employed are cutting, grinding, and polishing.” ~ WikipediaHumans have been creating art in stone since the dawn of time both in the form of stone carvings and jewellery. There are [...]

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My Favourite Store (to the tune of My Favourite Things from Sound of Music) Lyrics by: Elana Promislow

Smooth shiny nuggets in agates and jaspersThere's just so many you'll have to buy fasterGemstones so sparkly you'll always want moreThese are a few of our treasures in storeHammers and tweezers and Pepe disc cuttersShears that will cut through your silver like butterToggles that close with a loop and a barThese are a few of [...]

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Tool Tart Tips

StuckIt happens to me quite often. In fact, it happened when I was asked to write this post. I was ….. stuck. Not because I have run out of ideas. No, that’s rarely the issue here.I knew full well that I was not going to tell you what to do, because working metal is not a hard science. [...]

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Weave got mail

Welcome back to Weave Got Maille! This article is going to be slightly different and not focus so much on chainmaille as on jewelry and art creation in general. At the store we get a lot of people asking us about how to charge for their work. This is not an easy question to answer. Many [...]

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Tool Tart Tips

For Fret Sakes!!!-A not so subtle rant about the Great Patience Crisis and denying yourself a basic skillset. Or, everything you wanted to know about your fret saw but were too afraid to ask…It’s a tale of woe I hear on a regular basis.“Can’t I just cut the metal with a pair of shears?”“I’m too lazy to use my jewellers’ saw” (yeah. [...]

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Tool Tart Tips

So, you’ve laboured lovingly on a piece for hours on end. Your fingers are the claws of death. You feel like you are about to go blind. You’re just about ready to go to final polish and…Ugh! That purpley grey stain. That dreaded awful bloom that no amount of elbow grease and polishing cloth makes disappear.Dandandaaa! Your piece has been afflicted [...]

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You've Got Maille

Welcome back to Weave Got Maille. The first installment gave us a little bit of information on where to start, and this article will elaborate on some of those things. Tools are very important in chainmaille. Pliers are the most important tool you will use as these are how you open [...]

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Beads, Beads, Beads

              Arrange beads around the bead board until you have a desired length, this may include a focal bead and a combination of two or more accent beads.              Begin stringing beads in the order from which you have them on your bead board. If needed adjust the length of your necklace by adding extra filler [...]

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