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Have you ever scratched your jewellery in your suitcase before? Maybe you've experienced a tangled necklace when you got home from vacation? Travelling with your jewellery can sometimes be problematic if your pieces are not organized and protected properly. These 8 packing tips will help keep your jewellery safe and tidy while travelling!

1) Combination Jewellery Case: If you have a tendency to bring a lot of jewelry with you when travelling, then investing in a combination jewellery case is your best option. There are so many styles available, from rollups to locked cases, that provide you with well-thought-out compartments for all your accessory needs.


Brocade Roll-Up                   Accessory Roll-Up

2) Earring Cards: A great way to keep your earrings organized. Buying a package of rubber backs will help to keep your earrings in place, too!  


    Earring Cards

3) Buttons: Have some old buttons on hand? Buttons are another great way, like earring cards, to keep your earrings together.


4) Self-Sealing Plastic Jewellery Bags: If you’re lacking room in your suitcase, putting your jewellery in individual plastic bags will help save you space which keeping your pieces organized and protected from scratches. For extra protection, place the little bags of jewelry in a cloth and keep them all organized in a larger Ziploc-style bag!


    Plastic Bags 2"x2"

5) Plastic Containers: Use small plastic storage containers like a pill box to organize and protect your small jewelry pieces.

6)Straws: A great way to keep those finer chains from tangling is by using a straw! Just feed the necklace through the tube and clasp!


7) Toilet Paper Roll: For larger necklaces, instead of using a straw, organize them by feeding them through a toilet paper roll.


8) Plastic Wrap: Glad press and seal wrap is anther great way to keep your jewelry pieces tangle-free and protected! Bring an extra sheet to reseal for your trip home!

                      HAPPY TRAVELS!

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